Architecture and fit-out

Basel's new landmark

The Grosspeter Tower is impressive not only in its height but also in its unique building structure.

With a height of 78 metres, the Grosspeter Tower is one of the most striking buildings in the city of Basel. The imposing architecture of this unique building will make its mark in city-planning features and create a lasting impression.

With its 22 floors, the Grosspeter Tower rises above the city of Basel in a powerful, yet elegant manner and can be seen from a long way off. The clear architectural approach reflects urbanity and sustainability. The façade consists of 50% transparent components and 50% non-transparent components. On the one hand, the glass walls, almost floor to ceiling, provide a spacious working environment flooded with light, as well as extraordinary views over the entire city of Basel. On the other hand, the non-transparent section of the façade consists of a fully integrated photovoltaic system, which forms part of the architecture in terms of structure. This very special system is unique in Europe.


Available space

Flexibility as a recipe for success

With open-plan areas, team rooms or individual offices, flexible floor plan dispositions mean that all your company's workplace concepts can be realised.

The Grosspeter Tower is designed with a view to sustainability, which includes long-term satisfaction for tenants. The office building boasts about 11,000 sqm of office space, which can be divided up flexibly into areas of varying sizes for tenants. The most varied workplace concepts - from individual offices to structured shell utilisation - are available, and the highest quality design in terms of technology and fit-out provides your company with the best preconditions for productivity.


Fit-out options

Fit-out to your liking
Expanded basic fit-out:
  • Double floor construction without floor covering
  • Raw concrete ceiling and walls
  • Partial service: cooling via ventilation
    - Trench convector heating on façade side
    - Cooling via ceiling sails
  • Cold water and waste water connections are available from the riser shaft in the core area
  • Cable ducts for electric installations run to the rental area
  • Basic lighting in the open area (work station lighting and furnishings not included)
  • External electric sun blind
  • Wet rooms

Fitted out:
  • Reception area
  • Lounge with kitchenette
  • Two separate meeting rooms (glass partition walls), otherwise open-space layout
  • Double floor construction including carpeted floor covering
  • Raw concrete walls and façade columns
  • Central ventilation system
    - Trench convector heating on façade side
    - Cooling via ceiling sails
  • Electric installations including work station cabling; EDP and room automation control not included
  • Basic lighting in the open area (work station lighting and furnishings not included)
  • External electric sun blind

Sustainability and technology

An efficient powerhouse

Exemplary building in terms of energy efficiency
The aim of the Grosspeter Tower is to construct a zero-emission building covering its own power requirements. This is possible thanks to the building's photovoltaic system, covering a total area of 6,000 sqm of the façade. With the production of around 260,000 kilowatt hours per year, these solar cells cover the basic power requirements, which, for a building of this size, is a unique achievement in Europe.

Cooling and heating
Modern office buildings require almost as much energy for cooling as for heating. The Grosspeter Tower produces heat using a field of 52 geothermal probes to obtain heat from a depth of 250 metres below ground. While this is used to generate heat in winter, the cooling medium can be fed back and used to cool the Grosspeter Tower in summer. This results in low energy costs for tenants and a favourable CO2 balance.


Prizes and awards

An excellent property
  • Die beste Schweizer Solararchitektur 2017 – Solarpreis in der Kategorie «Neubauten»
  • Bayerischen Architekturpreis Gebäudeintegrierte Solartechnik 2017, 10. Platz
  • Prixforix 2018, „Oscar der Fassadenbranche, 3. Preis
  • sun21 Faktor-5 Jury-Preis 2018



360° TOUR

360° TOUR


Grosspeter Tower
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